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10 October 2021Second Lecture of the 2021-22 Session

Today a MailChimp was sent to all members containing a link to the next lecture on

October 12th 2021 11:00 AM 

The Material Culture of al-Andalus (Online talk)





Members should have received this.

 Please note that we do not publish this link on our website for security reasons

09 September 2021Lecture Programme for 2021-22

The Lecture programme for 2021-22 has been added to the website. Members can expect their copy in the next few days.

04 August 2021Heritage Volunteering Opportunity

 Replica Curtains for Hill House.

Because of Covid 19 we were forced to put our projects on hold.

Now we are hoping to resume and are looking for volunteers.

 First off  we have a Textile Project which is joint with NTS at Hill House. 

Olivia Birch is in charge and she is looking for Volunteers with an interst in textiles, sewing, applique and embroidery, to help make replica curtains for the house. 

Anyone interested please contact Olivia via email  oliviabirch84@outlook.com.

 I have put her phone number in the Newsletter which will go out today. 

 If you email her please provide the following details :
name, email address, and phone number. 

 Olivia will contact those interested and arrange a meeting to discuss the project and training needs.

 If you expressed an interest 18 months ago, before Covid, please confirm your interest. 

02 August 2021Announcement of AGM

2021 AGM

The committee have been busy organising procedures for the AGM on the 14 September.   
This will again be conducted electronically.  The September lecture will be given using Zoom and Patty will give her Chairman’s report and announce the results of the voting for committee members before the lecture.
You will receive the necessary information on 29th August. Voting will take place using Survey Monkey. You will be able to do this either from the MailChimp  Newsletter which we will send on that day, or, if you prefer, from our website.

 Reminder Membership Renewals

You are reminded that membership renewals are now due.  Please contact Jane Davies (01436 842060 janedavies54@btinternet.com) if you wish to cancel your membership or have any questions.

30 July 2021membership for 2021-22

 You should all have received by post a subscription Renewal Form for 2021-22. If you have not done so, could you please reply to this as soon as possible. Contact our membership secretary, janedavies54@btinternet.com if you need help.

You can see details of all three on the Lectures 2020-21 page of our website, and I will post the proposed lectures for the new Session in the near future.


29 July 2021July Newsletter from Your Chairman

Today a MailChimp Newsletter will be send to all the folk on our mailing list.

Please note that even if you have decided not to continue your membership of TASLA, you may receive this NL as the Mailing list has not yet been updated.

The content of this Newsletter from your Chairman is as follows:

It seems an age since I last wrote a newsletter, two months is a long time when not a lot is happening!

However, since then, we have had three very successful Zoom Lectures.  First Catch a Squirrel with Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe.   Who knew that the listed artist rarely actually finished the work attributed to them?   In the case of one well known Renaissance painter the same apprentice did the same hand in three different paintings!  Ice Age Art with Mark Patton. That so many cave paintings were nearby, in France.    Sculptors and Science Fiction with David Worthington.   That the robots and space crafts in science fiction films such as War of the Worlds and Star Wars were in fact based on previous modern sculptures.

Bearing all this in mind I would encourage all those of you, who have not ventured into the realm of Zoom, to give it a try.

We have now booked the lectures on Zoom until Christmas and are investigating whether in the future we can have both live and Zoom lectures.  We keep in regular touch with the Victoria Halls.    As soon as they deem it possible, we will go back there.

I continue to check the Heygo tours.  My most recent was a tour of Avila.

London is hosting Around the World in 80 Days.  This is very entertaining and free with your subscription.   If you don’t get the email from Florian check the web site for the dates.

On iPlayer. BBC Two. Britain’s Biggest Dig.  In preparation for HS2, two massive digs uncover fascinating burials, revealing life in imperial London, in St James, and industrial Birmingham. 

The plans for the great unveiling of the AS plaque in the square continues.  You will be notified well in advance of the date.   The Zoom AGM will take place in September.  Again, you will be notified in advance.

Your committee continue to keep things going until we can all meet again in person.   

Best wishes to all, 


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