Children's Trails 

Children's Trails encourage children to explore a church, in the company of an adult and to discover the treasures to be found there. They introduce children to art;architecture, history and church furnishings by following an A4 questionnaire around the church.

Cardross Parish Church

  • The Cardross Church Trail is the first in the west of Scotland. It was launched on June 3rd 2016. A description of the launch event can be seen below.
  • It is intended for children accompanied by Families or in a Group.
  • To follow the Trail, there is a straightforward two sided Question Sheet.
  • The Trial guides children and accompanying adults round the Church together.
  • A well researched Answer Sheet is provided. 
  • The Trail will interest and inform both children and adults, and engage everyone with the architecture, history and furnishings of the church and is fun to follow.  Cardross has many treasures to interest visitors of all ages,  including significant glass and textiles. 
  • After completing the Trail, just across the road there is the Bible Garden to discover with its plants, Cairn, wrought iron sculptures, Prayer Cross and Willow House.
  • To arrange a visit , contact the Church Office which is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Tel:01389 841322  or email:cardrosschurch529@btinternet.com

      or to arrange a visit at other times, contact


  Launch of the first Church trail in the West of Scotland. Organiser: Margaret Christie

Devised by a team of Lomond and Argyll DFAS members and volunteers comprising Margaret and John Christie, Elma Hannah, Sandra McLatchie, Mary Jane Selwood and Rob Sills, the Trail was followed most enthusiastically by a group of children with accompanying adults.

After the Rev Margaret McArthur had gone over the answers with the children, all present repaired to the Church Hall where a picnic kindly provided by ladies from the Church was enjoyed.

The occasion was photographed by John Young, as a record of the day. The Scottish and Northern Ireland representative for Church Trails, Jen McDowell, kindly came through from Edinburgh to introduce the Trail.




For more information  about Children's Trails in general click on the link The Arts Society Children's Trails

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