Lectures 2024-25

Programme Secretary Bryan Temple 

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All lectures start at 10.30 with coffee available from 10am

The lectures are free to members of TASLA. The charge per lecture for Visitors is £10.


September 10th 2024 

The Classical Re-invented - The Brilliant Legacy Of Sir Christopher Wren


Ian Swankie

Wren was primarily a mathematician and as­tronomer and we’ll see

how these disciplines are harnessed in his work. We will also look at

the origins of the classical orders of architec­ture and discover how

Wren’s love of this an­cient system is everywhere to be seen in his



October 8th 2024 

Thr Trials and Tribulations of Vincent Van Gogh as seen through his works


Carole Petipher



Van Gogh’s adult life was in grim reality a constant struggle against

poverty, misery, ill health, both physical and mental, and lonelinss.

Art provided his only outlet. In his own words, “I believe that pictures

will tell you what I am not able to express in words”.





November 12th 2024 

Matisse-Master of Colour


Lydia Bauman


In a bid to banish the mid-winter blues, let's immerse ourselves in the

work of the master for whom colour was everything.




10th December 2024

Gotta Dance: The Hollywood Musical


Colin Shindler



The evolution of the Hollwood musical from the beginnings of the

sound revolution in 1929 through the glory years in the golden age

of Hollywood to its near disappearanceat the end of the studio era

and its occasional revival in recent years through the Producers and




14th January 2025

A  Renaissance Art in England: Henry V111. Elizabeth 1 and the Greenwich Armourers


Tobias Capwell


In 1515 King Henry VIII founded a new armour workshop in England.

Henry was in many ways a medieval king, but he yearned to become a

Renaissance prince as well. By bringing Flemish and German craftsmen

into his service, Henry established a new continentalism in England

which defined his style of kingship. 




11th February 2025 

The Wallace Collection: 

A Palace of Genius


Paintings by Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, Hals and Velazquez sit

alongside Sevres porcelain, French eighteenth century furniture and

princely armour. This lecture will relate the history of the collectors,

the wealthy and eccentric Hertford family, from the scandalous third

Marquess, to Sir Richard Wallace, illegitimate son of the fourth




11th March 2025 

The Story of Jewellery in Scotland


Clare Blatherwick


From Mary Queen of Scots and her attendants (the 'Four Marys’)

to  the modern day, this talk looks at the jewels of a nation made

famous through Queen Victoria’s love of the country and

its applied arts. 



15th April 2025  

Fashion, Feathers & Feminism: Women’s Fight for Change


Tessa Boase


I shine a light on the intriguing story of women’s love affair with          

plumage  – and of the brave eco feminists who fought back on behalf

of the birds. Moving from a polite Victorian tea party to an egret hunt

in a Florida swamp, you’ll be taken back in time to a world where every

woman, of every class wore a hat.





13th May 2025 

Painting Is Dead… Long Live Photography!


Aliki Braine


When the new process of photography was demonstrated to the          

Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris in January 1839, the history painter

Delaroche is reported to have exclaimed “from today painting is dead!”.

Far from sounding the death knell of painting, photography in fact gave

rise to a fascinating dialogue between both art forms. 


10th June 2025 

Pierrot Heroes - The Evolution Of British Seaside Entertainment


Tony Lidington

Pierrot troupes and concert parties were ubiquitous throughout the 

seaside resorts of Britain, but what is a Pierrot troupe? Where did

they come from? How do they impact us today? Find out in this

lively and intriguing talk - featuring unique archive materials from

Tony’s vast personal collection



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