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Please share your comments on Ian Cockburn's lecture The Material Culture of al-Andulus

by Jean Cook - 11:11 on 12 October 2021
Comment from Kati Byrne at 12:11 on 12 October 2021.
Excellent lecture, great slides, the mixture of looking at artefacts and buildings along with the historical context was really helpful
Comment from Lesley Smith at 12:53 on 12 October 2021.
Happy to be the first to share my views on today's lecture. Ian Cockburn was so authoritative and interesting. Presentation was clear and informative. Slides excellent. Definitely inspirational.
Comment from Rosemary Jones at 13:06 on 12 October 2021.
Fascinating & well presented lecture with excellent slides. We have been to many of the places, sometimes more than once, but still learnt more today. Obviously his guided tours are a thing to dream of. One of the most outstanding lectures. Thank you.
Comment from Rhona at 13:10 on 12 October 2021.
A very detailed and informative lecture. Ian Cockburn is extremely knowledgeable and articulate about Moorish culture.
Comment from Anne Bernard at 17:35 on 12 October 2021.
Interesting lecture by a very articulate and knowledgeable lecturer. Well presented and excellent slides.
Comment from Christine Woods at 19:23 on 12 October 2021.
I was mesmerised by today’s lecture! What a wonderful historical illustrated journey and thanks to my Ipad I was able to get up close to the detail of all the wonderful slides.
Lecture was inspiring, making me want to see more hopefully in time, thanks.
Comment from Fran Scott at 20:12 on 12 October 2021.
Yes, been to some of the places Ian talked about. I wish he’d been with us. Excellent talk, loads of information but well and entertainingly delivered.

Please can we have him back to talk about what he said was “another talk”!
Comment from Pat Pollok-Morris at 09:55 on 13 October 2021.
One of the best ever!
Can we ask him back please.

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